Gemma Jessop

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This week we have been busy collating all the comments from the Xbox One launch of Pool Nation FX, every post, tweet and direct message received has been recorded and we are working our way through all of your comments one by one, in priority order. 

Issues addressed so far are: 

The file size has been reduced, this again is an ongoing issue but is now around 9GB, and will continue to try and get this down, this will be an auto update so this patch will make the overall file size smaller.  

Next loading times... this, I will add is an ongoing issue that we will address going forward but for the initial patch we have reduced the initial loading screen, and further reduced this time once the game has been fully installed. 

In game loading times have been reduced, this again is an ongoing issue, but we have reduced the loading times when you move between tables and game type within the same location. This makes swapping between game type and tables much quicker. 

The frame rate is now 60fps and the issue with the ball speed stopping to quickly has also been addressed 

The AI has been made easier, so you can play through the career on easy and the AI will increase in difficulty as your progress but at a easier level. 

The cameras have been addressed throughout to make them smoother and it also by popular request now follows the cue on the AI's shot. (This is something that we will continuously improve on as the game develops) 

Snooker rules suggestions have been implemented to show your current break, nominate a colour, the tables are green, the points updated and a number of other tweaks based on community feedback to make it easier to play. 

The Trickshot editor has also been updated to include particle effects (fire and fireworks), you now earn points for a good shot, a clear object icon so you know which object you are highlighting and a general update to make it better and more fun. Challenges are coming soon too... 

The Achievement glitches fixed on No aims and are now easier to achieve 

Endurance, on easy has also been made easier as the difficulty level should suggest, which hopefully should make a great starting point for everyone to see how long you can last! The cameras have been updated also to make this a quicker movement between shots, remember to get a good steak, always plan ahead... 

Finally a general polish to make menus easier, online stability and a few other issues raised by the community. 

HOWEVER - do not fear this is the first of many patches to come, if your suggestion has not made it in this build it will more than likely be in the next one, it was not possible to get everything into this one patch so if you have more suggestions out there please do let me know I am genuinely interested in your feedback. 

Also I'd like to say thanks for all the comments and feedback it really has helped us make the game better :) 

So, we have tested this in house and have submitted to Microsoft for approval - it is now out of our hands when you will receive this from this point but we are pushing to get this to you as soon as humanly possible. 

Just wanted to keep you all up to date on where we are up to, 

Thanks for listening, 

Gem :) 

PS... as mentioned we are still working on the next patch and hoping along side fixes to be able to roll out a few of the planned new modes, so watch this space for news and updates...