Pool Nation FX - STEAM Vs XBox One

Gemma Jessop

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

So people keep asking - what's the difference between the Steam Version and the Xbox One version of Pool Nation FX...??

We know the difference between Pool Nation and the FX version so its a Good question! 

Firstly we received some great feedback from the 3 million downloads on Xbox One, so Steam in terms of the main game is further ahead in development than the current Xbox one version. We realise at launch there were issues on Xbox One we don't shy away from that we just want to continue making this great game better! We haven't stopped working on Pool Nation FX since its début in April and will continue to long after its launch today on Steam...

Before I start the comparison I will confirm that Xbox will get the Steam updates  also: 

  • The file size on STEAM is 2.2GB not the 12.2GB it was at launch on Xbox One (file size is 8GB on Xbox one currently post update)
  • Due to its file size and a number of updates we have done it loads quickly and smoothly at launch and in game 
  • Its smoother and more polished, due to the extra development time spent on the project, we have also updated the cameras to make it smoother. 
  • Massive improvements to the difficulty levels of the AI
  • Overhaul of the Snooker AI, to ensure they are playing to snooker rules
  • The NEW collection is in - and collecting is fun: You compete to win, raise your profile and also your in game bank balance, but where do you spend it? There are cues, balls, decals, celebrations, locations and trickshot objects to spend your hard earned cash on. Your collection is yours to use, and there is a one stop shop in game to see what you've unlocked and what’s left to collect. 
  • Endurance achievements have been made easier, they are now 3mins, 6mins, 9mins and 12mins so the time to hit is shorter and more achievable
  • Manual drop-stop has been implemented in Endurance so you control when the drop stop happens or auto drop-stop can be selected 
  • A new Endurance HUD now clearly shows when the next ball drops. 
  • Characters in game to add atmosphere 
  • Crowd sounds controlled by a slider 
  • Quicker to find online matches on Steam 
  • General reported bug fixes. 
  • Change game type in Practice - 8Ball, 9Ball and Snooker 
  • Will also include the new Early Access features; the all new social hub of activity - the 'Pool Hall' the most exciting virtual Pool Hall you will find in a pool game. Leaderboards and workshop integration all coming soon to this early access version. 

Although Pool Nation FX on Steam addresses all of the main issues raised on Xbox one at launch and thereafter, it is in Early access for one main reason, the Pool Hall! This a social Mecca for billiards fans, and will be the most exciting social experience to hit a pool game - ever. It brings pool to life! We want to utilise the Steam forums to build this Pool Hall with you, hence the need for early access. The plan is to launch in three main stages:

Stage 1: introducing the pool hall and spectating matches live online  

Stage 2: Live information on current games in progress - Game state updates to give life to the pool hall experience 

Stage 3: Expanding the social experience - Winner stays on, bigger lobby's more people 

So as you can see we have far from finished with Pool Nation FX, its a great game that's about to get better! 

*All updates to Pool Nation FX listed above are in test for Xbox One also - the submission process for Xbox updates is a much longer process, hence why it is coming to Steam first. I just want to stress this as Xbox One hasn't been forgotten it just takes slightly longer to get to the same stage :)