Pool Nation FX launches Free-to-Play version on Steam

Gemma Jessop

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Yes its true - we are launching a Free-to- Play title on Steam, with the announcement of a Lite version launching 7th December 2015. The Free- to- Play version named Pool Nation FX Lite  will include extensive online play, an offline practice mode, a Daily Bonus Match, Daily Trickshot Challenge and full access to the customisable features including collectable cues, balls, decals and locations.

We want to build the online community and have been working alongside the steam Early Access team to do so, this is an important step for us - we believe in Pool Nation FX and want to share it with the world :) 

Also I can confirm that the F2P version will benefit from all future updates working seamlessly alongside the full version, keeping players in sync with everyone else when playing online.

We made the decision to steer away from the 'buy coins' consumable route and instead offer two optional DLC packs, Online priced at $3.99 and Offline priced at $8.99, both aimed to enhance gameplay but are not necessary to play the game.

Show your support at http://store.steampowered.com/app/314000/