Patch Notes 1st July 2015

Gemma Jessop

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

 Hey guys patch notes up early this time, due to hit sometime in the next 24 hours, see below: 

Pool Nation FX patch notes

Xbox One

30th June 2015

Improved loading times throughout

Improved, more stable frame rate. Solid 60fps

Improved balls (Shinier)

Updated menu design

New, prettier, less intrusive HUD

Local avatars

Can now purchase in game money

Various room and table visual improvements

Various stability fixes.


In Friendly games, the host is now returned to the lobby if the client disconnects.

Tables are now colour coded depending on the League you are in.

Fixed cash exploit

'Waiting for opponent' message now displayed if waiting for their connection

Various crash fixes

Smoother cue and ball movement when viewing opponents turn.

The power bar has returned! Its opacity/visibility can be changed in settings.

Cue ball no longer sticks to other balls/cushions when moving

New ball marker displayed when you have ball in hand

Aiming aid now stays visible when moving ball

Aiming aid is now the same colour as the balls in Endurance.

Fixed physics bug where balls would roll outside the table as if it was still on the table.

New snooker Career!

Snooker balls updated so graphics on them are larger/clearer

Cue is no longer forced up at sides of snooker table near cushions

Aiming aid now turns red if you aim at illegal ball

You can now forfeit frames if opponent gets too far ahead.

Various snooker rule fixes.

Fixed bug where balls could get stuck in pockets, making the game un-finishable.

Fixed bug where Player 1 would always break.

Fixed delay at start of snooker game.


Gem :)