Outstanding Feedback on FX on STEAM

Gemma Jessop

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

POOL NATION FX launches in 2 days on STEAM here's what the BETA testers think:

"I played PN just to see the difference between FX and I can't see myself returning to PN anytime soon. FX is that good. Everything is so much better in FX."

Don't just take our word on how good the Steam version is:

'Great atmosphere, superb graphics, polished menus, great customisations, ability to customize the game MY WAY, money prize in PN$ is a nice addition...."

Pool Nation on Steam received 93% very positive user score and in FX 'everything is better'

Available to buy 7th October 2015 LINK TO STORE PAGE 

*(Editorial Note: Early Access preview Steam keys are available now, please reply to request one)

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