Pool Nation FX launches with GOLD

Gemma Jessop

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Press release
Pool Nation FX Launch with GOLD

Cherry Pop Games releases Pool Nation FX this April 1st 2015 on Xbox One Games with
giving gamers the opportunity to grab their extremely shiny balls for free. Featuring
twelve games modes: discover Artistic Pool and create epic trickshots, or enroll in the Pool
Nation Cup with the all new Career mode. Play for Cash online where you can earn coins
for ultimate in game personalisation. Try your hand at Snooker, explore the unique rule
set customisation tool and re-discover this much-loved sport.

Gemma Jessop had this to say: “We wanted Pool Nation FX to simply be bigger, better and ballsier
(Hence the video!) We concentrated on the ability to play it your way, all new locations, and brand
new career, and much more. There’s even more to come, with huge global leagues and
tournaments added in April, so watch this space!”

Pool Nation FX promises to be the ultimate Pool Simulator for Xbox One®. Prepare yourself for pixel
perfect physics, photo-realistic graphics and super detailed visuals in this truly immersive
representation of the sport.

Gemma Jessop on development: “In 2014 we embraced the Unreal Engine. Utilising UE4 was the
best decision we made, giving us the opportunity to quite simply make Pool Nation FX EPIC!”

Pool Nation FX flawlessly blends reality with the impossible, resulting in the finest example of
digital pool you will ever play - and what’s more its free to Xbox One Gold customers in April.

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