About Us

CherryPop Games are an indie studio based in Manchester, on the banks of the River Irwell, in the heart of the city centre.
Our team of eccentric gamers – whose only desire is to eat, sleep and dream games – are busy beavering away at creating, perfecting and polishing our shiny, shiny balls.

Our first title is Pool Nation (hence the shiny balls – we don’t just have a ball polishing fetish. Honest..) was released on Xbox LIVE Arcade on 31st October 2012 – followed shortly after on 22nd May 2013 on the PlayStation Network.
Our most recent project is Pool Nation FX, developed using Unreal 4 which release April 1st 2015 on Xbox One and followed shortly after on PS4, and PC via Steam. 

We are dedicated to producing eyebrow raising, leg trembling, cherry poppingly good games. Our talents don’t just stop at shiny balls and pixel perfect pool games – watch this space for details of what we’ve got up our sleeves for future projects.
Our Story
We love pool!
We want to make great pool games, its what we do best and we love it. We actively play in leagues and games across the uk, and can't wait to tell you more about whats to come this year...